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Antimicrobial Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Antimicrobial screening of Calabash

INTRODUCTION There are hundreds of plants worldwide that are known for its medicinal agents used in both traditional and modern medicine for many purposes that include bacterial and fungal infections (Obafemi Akinpelu Taiwoo Adeloye 2006). According to history, the use of plants in curing illnesses has been practiced since the human civilization began, and has deep roots within traditions and cultures. Ethnopharmacological practices had been recorded prominent among Nigerian people. Nowadays, they continually play a role in primary health practices. Over the years there have been alarming reports of multiple drug resistance in medically important strains of bacteria and fungi (Ozumba, 2003; Aibinu et al., 2004). The persistent increase in antibiotic resistant strains of organismshave led to the development of…