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Anti-aging Product Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Anti-aging Product Analysis: Immortelle Eye Balm

The name of the product which will be analyzed in this assignment is Immortelle Eye Balm. This product is formulated with Immotelle essential oil and will act by soothing, moisturizing, nourishing and toning of delicate skin around the eyes. The cream must be applied by tapping a small quantity of the Eye Balm on the bone around the eye. I found the product on the internet source L’Occitane en provence available at http://usa. loccitane. com/FO/Catalog/Product. aspx? prod=27BY015I6. The product costs $36 and can be purchased online. The active ingredients of this cream are Rosa centifolia flower water, Helichrysum italicum extract, Hedera helix extract and hydrolyzed wheat protein. Purpose of the Product According to the manufacturers of the product, Immortelle Eye…