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Anthony van Dyck Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Formal Analysis on Rachel Ruvigny Portrait by Anthony Van Dyke

There are actually two versions of Anthony van Dyck’s painting of the countess of Southampton; Anthony van Dyck, Rachel de Ruvigny, Countess of Southampton, ca. 1640, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne (see fig. 1) and Anthony van Dyck, Rachel de Ruvigny, Countess of Southampton as ‘Fortune’, ca. 1638, Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge (see fig. 2). There have been discussions on which between the two is the primary version. Ursula Hoff argued that the painting located in Melbourne is the primary version basing on three aspects: (a) It was the only one to be chosen for engraving; (b) while the other versions were in the possession of the Earl’s daughters, 1246/3 was inherited by the Earl’s third wife, presumably with…