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Annotations to Applied Linguistics books Essay

1. Guy Cook (2003). Applied Linguistics. This book explains applied linguistics in brief. It describes the popular and academic views of correctness. It also discusses the languages in the contemporary world. It presents English and its growth and the many Englishes used nowadays. It discusses some of the English language teaching techniques. It describes communication. It looks at the linguistic changes and second – language acquisition.

2. Guy Cook and Sarah North (2010). Applied Linguistics in Action. The book is divided into three parts. The first is about applied linguistics in theory. Itexplains the theory of practice. The second part is about English in the world, being a global language and TEFL. The third part is about applied linguistics in action in details.

3. Judit Sarosdy, Tamas Farczadi Bencze, Zoltan Poor and Marianna Vadnay (2006). Applied Linguistics 1. This book deals with applied linguistic more explicitly in a wider context. It discusses the traditional former methods in teaching English Vs. the communicative approach. It also discusses the learning process and classroom management. It stresses the culture’s effect on the language.

4. Michael McCarthy (2001). Issues in Applied Linguistics.  The book discusses languages and modeling language. It highlights the second language in speech and writing. It describes applied linguistics through a professional discourse.

5. Patricia A. Duff (2008). Case Study Research in Applied Linguistics. This book tackles case study research in applied linguistics. It defines, describes, and defends case study research, and gives examples to support. It then explains how to make a case study report.

6. Susan Hunston and David Oakey (2010). Introducing Applied Linguistics (Concepts and Skills). This book applies news stories to access the key concepts in applied linguistics and stresses the skills required for applied linguistics.

7. Zoltan Dornyei (2007). Research Methods in Applied Linguistics (Quantative, Qualitative and Mixed Methodologies). This book is made up of five parts. Part one is mainly about the key issues in research methology. Part two presents data collection. Part three illustrates data analysis in details. Part four shows the structure of reporting research results in a quantitative report; a qualitative report; and a mixed method report. Part five sums up the book.

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