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Annabel Lee Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Literary Elements of “Annabel Lee”

In the Poem “Annabel Lee” by Edger Allen Poe, there are a couple of literary devices used. Poe uses these devices to explain the ultimate love between Annabel and the Narrator. One literary device that is used is the biblical reference to the angels of Heaven. Another is the use of nature to explain the effect that Annabel’s death had on the land. Poe uses the combination of biblical metaphors and references of nature to explain the tragedy of the death of one of two lovers in “Annabel Lee”. Throughout the entire poem “Annabel Lee”, one thing is clear to the reader; the love between Annabel and the Narrator is quite possibly the strongest love in the world and is…

The Masque of the Red Death

1. Poe was a master “wordsmith.” Through carefully chosen diction he is able to create a psychological effect on his reader. What effect did his description of “Red Death,” in the very first paragraph of the story, have on you? Quote those details that provoke this response from you. Through Poe’s diction there was a psychological effect made on the reader. “The “Red Death” had long devastated the country. No pestilence had ever been so fatal, or so hideous. Blood was its Avatar(1) and its seal – the redness and the horror of blood. There were sharp pains, and sudden dizziness, and then profuse bleeding at the pores, with dissolution.” From his description i thought of the outbreak of the…