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Anhydride Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Organic Chemistry Experiment 4 – Recrystallization

INTRODUCTION Recrystallization is the primary method for purifying solid organic compounds. Compounds obtained from natural sources or from reaction mixtures almost always contain impurities. The impurities may include some combination of insoluble, soluble, and colored impurities. To obtain a pure compound, these impurities must be removed. Each is removed in a separate step in the recrystallization procedure. [8] Acetylation of aniline by acetic anhydride was performed to synthesize the crude acetanilide. The obtained crude acetanilide contained acetic acid as well as unreacted acetic anhydride. The said impurities of the crude acetanilide were removed using activated charcoal, filtration and recrystallization. EXPERIMENTAL A. Compounds tested Aniline Aniline is a clear to slightly yellow liquid with a characteristic odor. It does not readily…