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Anesthesia Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Historical Figure in Nurse Anesthesia

From time immemorial there have been operations or surgeries of very kind practiced by both medical doctors and traditional healers. Both major and minor surgeries were very painful because nothing had been discovered to relief the pain or cause numbness for these surgeries or operations to be less painful. (Karlet 2004) notes, “With time some pioneers on medicine tried everything and every way to find something or some drug that may relieve the pain. However, the most looked after drug was the one that will induce sleep or unconsciousness at the same time creates lack of sensation”. History has it that many early doctors tried many ways until one William Morgan discovered and introduced surgical anesthesia of its kind and…

Disadvantages of Plastic Surgery

The prospect of beauty has changed throughout the years. Many people consider beauty as the person who has the perfect body, the perfect nose and the perfect everything. Society has made this vision of beauty and with it many persons feel pressured to look perfect and this has caused many of us to choose plastic surgery as a solution. Plastic surgery is a medical specialty concerned with the correction or restoration of form and function. Though some of us think plastic surgery as a way of regaining normal appearance after accident, others think of it as a way to correct perceived cosmetic flaws. And yes! Thanks to the emergence of plastic surgery that it is hard to find a person…

Post operative care

Whilst the patient is in PACU, identify and discuss airway management (and rationales) as related to the case study (400 words) The post-operative patient is at risk for respiratory problems due to ineffective airway clearance related to changes in pulmonary physiology and function caused by anaesthetics, narcotics, mechanical ventilation, hypothermia and surgery. With increased tracheobronchial secretions secondary to the effects of anaesthesia, combined with ineffective coughing, and decreased functions of the mucociliary clearance mechanism. (Monahan, Neighbors, & Green, 2011) Oxygen is commonly in place as it supports the elimination of anaesthetic gases and helps meet the increased metabolic demand for oxygen caused by the surgery (deWit, 2009). The sedation and muscle relaxation drugs used often cause the tongue to occlude…

Robotic Surgery Disposal

What is the Environmental Collateral Effects of Minimally Robotic Surgery? Two small studies have looked specifically at differences in communication between laparoscopic and robotic surgery. Both studies found a significant increase in oral communication between the surgeon and the rest of the team in robotic surgery, particularly in relation to the orientation and localization of organs and the manipulation of instruments, with the effect found to be more pronounced in teams that have less experience in robotic surgery. If use of robotic surgery interferes with standard practices of coordination among the OT team, the achievement of seamless, efficient, and timely teamwork may be hampered. It is important to understand any change in communication patterns because of the well-documented relationship between…

Plastic Surgery Essay About Korea

Cosmetic surgery has been growing these past decade and it started to grow ginormously in the capital of South Korea, Seoul thanks to the new wave of fashion and music called Hallyu. Everyday teens of all ages ranging from 12 and 25 get from a little double eyelid surgery to extreme jaw shaving, just to look like their idols. Girls and boys have this obsession with beauty that once they finish highschool as a graduation gift they get surgeries to start college fresh and with a new face to show the world. Surgery is most common in Gangnam and Apgujeong since these area’s are for the richer people and there are more plastic surgery clinics, nearly 100 only in Gangnam….