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Android Application Essay

The reign of android products in the market is the talk of the town and the craze of owning an android based smart phone is all a youths mind is smitten by. This is all because of the wide range of android apps at the user’s disposal which can be installed on these android based smart phones. Android offers the android market which is an open market made available to all android gadget users. The android smart phones do not run on the principle of non-contemporary mobile methodology i.e. these android gadgets do not come with a pre-set of limited applications already installed in the cell phone by the company at the time of manufacture, instead only the basic apps are installed and a privilege to choose and install from a wide variety of apps is facilitated to the user. Android gadget users have to just turn on their internet, sign in to their goggle account and they can access all the android applications.

There are a lot of applications in every genre from utility, entertainment, security, business, education, games, etc. Entertainment apps like various varieties music players, video players, photo viewers, music creator, video clippers, photo editors, etc., utility apps like maps and road guides, locators of shops, hospitals, hotels and various buildings and landmarks in a particular city which use GPS services direct from the satellite, alarm clocks, clocks showing time of multiple time zones, a thousand variety of games from strategy to racing and flash games to puzzle games, apps designed for providing a convenient user interface to browse through your favourite social networking websites and many more steal the ranks in the search counts for sure. The android apps are not just limited to entertainment and mobile utility and security.

The android market has a huge choice of apps for the businessmen, people in the real estate, financial markets like the share market and the international currency exchange and the commodity markets, people related to software development and information technology, etc. The android apps can also be used for managing funds in your bank accounts. There are a lot of android apps designed to help a user browse through a lot of products from numerous shops and brands, select, compare quality and prices, and also purchase them electronically by directly transferring funds from their bank accounts.

The rapidly increasing advancement in the development of the contemporary generation of android apps will also see a breakthrough in the e-commerce section. The biggest attraction about the android market is that it is a free and open market availing the most of the apps from all genres free of cost to the users. When you browse the android apps through the android market you will also be supported by a clear description of the app, that is the way it works, tips to use it and all info about the app. Adding to that a person can also see the product reviews and user ratings along with the product in the list of apps in the android market.

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