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Ancient Galatia Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Ancient Galatia

The Ancient Galatia was situated in the highlands of central Anatolia in the modern Turkey. It was named after the immigrant Gauls who had settled on it and established ruling castes. Ankara was its capital during those ancient times. Galatia is boarded by Pontus and Cappadocia to the East, Phrygia to the West, Cilicia and Lycia to the South and Bithynia and Paphlagonia to the North. In 25 BC, Galatia got incorporated by the Octavian Augustus and made a Roman Province . According to the book of Acts 21:39 (New King James Version-NKJV), Paul, the Apostle while serving as a captive in Jerusalem mentioned that “… I am a Jew from Tarsus in Cilia… ” Presently Cilia which is a…