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Ancient Africa and the Present Slavery Essay

The book “Segu” is a novel written by Maryse Conde. Set in 1797, the novel a story of the Africans during that era. Interestingly, Conde was able to create a novel that makes the lives of her characters as the most evident proof of the life experienced by people who lived in Mali during the ancient times. Clearly, the issue of religion, norms, and traditions are depicted as important aspects of society that affected the people of Old Mali. Due to the astounding narration of Conde, I was attracted to the characters as well as the history of Mali.

I specifically became interested in the detailed narration of the African culture as well as the slavery experienced by the black Africans at the hands of the colonizers. It is interesting to note that, although the Africans were subjected to slavery over 300 years ago, the controversies and issues surrounding slavery still persist. It seems like the wounds caused by slavery are still engraved in the minds and personal history of every individual.

Hence, I can only assume that there is still inequality happening not only in Africa but also in the world. Noting that the current African nations are one of the poorest in the world, I have come to conclude that Africans are still subjected to slavery today; only this time, they are now slaves of the current world, as most of the resources mined or produced within the African nations are not utilized and enjoyed by the Africans themselves but acquired by foreigners to serve their own self-interests.

Hence, Africans are not given what they deserve to attain and enjoy. It is saddening that after more than 300 years, the African nations in general are still experiencing various conflicts in terms of religion, norms, and traditions. During an era of globalization and international cooperation, one must bear in mind that there is a need for change and development not just in the economic or political aspects but also in the social and cultural outlook. Work Cited Conde, Maryse. Segu. New York: Viking Penguin Inc. , 1987.

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