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Analyze the Tension Rising Between the Northern and Southern States Between the Time Period of the 1800-1860’s Essay

From 1800 to 1860 the relationship between the Northern, and Southern States grew worse and the threat for the formation of 2 cooperate unions was drawing nearer. This change on the relationship can be attributed to industrial development to a fairly large extent, however it should be noted that there are also other factors, which contributed, in large part to this change in the relationship.

Industrial development was a factor in the relationship between the Northern and Southern states with regard to the industrial boom in the northern states and the creation of increase tariffs, as well as the big businessmen and bankers in the North and the fact that Northern Industries did not need slavery while Southerners claimed their agriculture society did. Because of the significant increase in industries in the North protective tariffs such as the tariff of 1828 greeted extreme tension between the north and the south. The tariff of 1828 was keyed the term “the tariff of abominations” by many southern because of as extreme rates.

This tariff under president Jackson was opposed by V. P Calhoun who wrote the South Carolina exposition and protests, which similarly to the Virginia and Kentucky resolutions under Thomas Jefferson, stated that the federal government did not have the right to set these tariffs and that particular right is reserved for the states; Calhoun was a strong advocate of the states rights. South Carolina threatened to succeed the union with Calhoun saying “ the union next to our liberty most dear.. ” in response to Jackson’s strong statement “ our union it must and shall be preserved. Henry Clay, the great compromiser, comes up with a compromise for the tariff, substantially while South Carolina agrees not to succeed the union.

Tariffs such as the tariff of abominations created greater tension between the North and the South; Which cause for the tariffs can to go back to the industrial development in the north. Big businesses and bankers which like wise grew in port because of the industrial development created greater tensions between the north and the south as these bankers where in the north. However it should be noted that the major deserters against the bankers came from the farmers in the West .

Although many in the south were against these bankers as well. Especially with the creation of the bank of the united states, initially apart of Alexander Hamilton’s debt assumption scheme and later apart of Henry Clay’s American System. President Jackson tried to kill the B. U. S by vetoing it even after the Supreme Court declared the B. U. S constitutionally in Mccollugh vs. Maryland, 1819. Jackson believed the B. U. S only favored the rich northerners and because Jackson was an advocator of the common man, he was against it. Southerners can also be seen to go against the Bank as it did little to help them.

This issue of the Bank, which can be given the name Bank War, caused the relations between the North and the south to become worse and the industrial development in the North. Also the industrial development further portrayed the lack of need for slavery in the North. Which became a major issue in the relationship between the North and the South as the Southerners’ economy was based on a plantation society, which benefitted from slaves. The Southern economy relied on cotton gin by Eli Whitney, slaves were now being used to produce more and more cotton. Cotton which was used by the industries in the South, such as clothing industries.

Because of this difference in the economy with the North being industrial and the South being agricultural. The issue of slavery increased the problems in the relations between the North and the South. However despite the industrial development being a factor in the relationship between the northern and southern states it should be noted that the new territories in the west caused even more issues between the North and the South. Despite that, the relationship between the Northern and Southern States from 1800 to 1860 can be in a large extent because of the factor of industrial development.

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