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Analytic Essay Topics & Paper Examples

AQA AS Geography Fieldwork Ashes Hollow

AS Fieldwork Report Introduction Aim To investigate the downstream changes in channel variables at Ashes Hollow Stream. Hypothesis “Discharge increases with Distance from Source” Location and description of the location Ashes Hollow Stream is an area fairly untouched by human activity, with safe, easy access and the Stream is shallow due to being in the Upper Course of the river. Methodology Risk Assessment Hazard Likelihood Impacts Severity Risk Mitigation Slipping Over 3 Sprains, Bruises 2 6 Wear suitable footwear, act sensibly Diseases and Illness 1 Death, Weil’s Disease 3 3 Wash Hands, Wear Gloves Inclement Weather 3 Get Wet, Cold, Hypothermia 3 9 Plenty of layers, Waterproof coat General safety tips; Take mobile phone and leave contact details Work in…

Pulse Rate

The purpose of this practical is to investigate how the pulse rate of humans changes when they exercise. Someone who is physically fit can supply their muscles with enough blood, carrying glucose and oxygen, for an activity at a lower heart and breathing rate. The fitter you are the lower your resting heart rate. You and your classmates will be the humans investigated. SAFETY: If you know you have any condition that affects you doing exercise, please make sure your teacher knows before you start the investigation. In the investigation you are going to measure and record your pulse rate, before and after doing some physical activity. Work in pairs and decide who will be the ‘exerciser’ and who will…