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Analysis on Lance Armstrong Doping Essay

No, the consequences brought upon Armstrong are completley inappropriate. The actions taken against him undergone by Travis Tygart and USADA are over the top. The fact that Lance doped is undeniable, he did it, but so did every other Tour de France contender and their teammates. Why should the man who won against other dopers have his life ruined? Why should a man who has helped millions of cancer patients have to step down from his organization and pay off the tax breaks of his charity? Well apparently Lance has to. Apparently, he has to pay fines due to his winnings, tax breaks, sponsorship money, etc. All he did was do EPO (like everyone else) and win the hardest cycling race in the world. Seven times. He was driven by his infamous focus on the task at hand, and raise cancer awareness globally.

His athletic achievments outside of cycling are now getting the can too, including his win at the Boston Marathon, numerous Ironman 70.3 results, and various others. Mark Cavendish tweeted “Are people so naive they think cycling’s the only sport with a hidden past? Maybe it’s just the only sport where a hidden past’s come out.” Baseball, football, various other sports have athletes taking performance enhacing drugs, why doesn’t Barry Bonds’, or Mark McGuire’s have their reputation tarnished and dragged through the streets? All of Lance’s sponsors have dropped him, including: Trek Bikes, FRS, Nike, Anheuser-Busch, Oakley, and 24 Hour Fitness. To wrap it up, there’s been rumors of a divorce going around. Good job Travis Tygart, Pat McQuaid, Media hounds, and USADA investigators. You couldn’t just leave it alone after years and years of failure, you ruined an American hero’s life and reputation, I hope you’re satisfied.

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