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Analysis of the Poem “Bushed” Essay

The speaker’s journey throughout the poem is a transformation of his identity from the influence of the society to the dictation of his own self. The speaker tried to escape from the reality of his belief and identity. In the beginning of the poem, the speaker already established his purpose – to hide from the real world and obtain the illusion of aloneness. Yet he built a shack on the shore / learned to roast porcupines belly and / wore the quills on his hatband (Birney 4-6). He started building his life away from the world of injustice and pain.

He tried to wake up with a feeling of contentment to make his life happy and ease the misery. The speaker mourns into his surroundings – a depiction of pain and suffering. The character of the poem is full of anxiety within his self. He bushed because he wants to disregard the things around him, his feeling of difficulty. By way of controlling the feeling of anguish, the speaker went to the wilderness and obtains all the emotions through the moon, mountain, and wind to be able to release what is hiding inside him – the dictation of his emotions to let go of the pain and move on once again.

The poem is an irony of the reality. The author discusses the speaker’s journey and tiredness. As the speaker describes what he has gone through, he also discusses shows his life in the wasteland. The author attempts to make his poem a realization of contentment and real happiness in a world of simplicity. Birney did not create any concept of worldly being to make his character ease the burden and rejuvenate himself through the help of nature. Work Cited Birney, Earle. “Bushed. ”

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