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Analysis of Research Essay

This research discusses the affects positive reinforcement by teachers has on students. The research attempts to determine if promoting a positive environment for students through mechanisms such as praise notes, has a positive effect on overall performance and progression. In one of the studies the researcher directed teacher to use direct models of instruction for the social skill research and praise student if they display skills consist with social skills (Nelson, 2010). The premise of the research was to determine if students who receive praise are less likely to receive disciplinary actions or office discipline referral (ODR). The research question for this study is students who receive praise are less likely to receive office discipline referrals.

A basic z test was used to determine if there was a statistical difference in levels of self-esteem between boys and girls. The purpose of calculating a Cohen’s D is to calculate the ideal size for two means, it is also used to reveal the difference between means, which could be used to in conjunction ANOVA and t test reporting. The d=.90 can be revealed using Cohen’s d by dividing the mean difference in the boy and girl’s self-esteem scores by the standard deviation. In addition to this method, mean one less mean two divided by a pooled standard deviation could be used (Lind, 2011).

Lind, D. (2011). Business Statistics for Business and Economics (7thth ed.). New York City, NY: McGraw Hill. Nelson, J. A. P., Young, B. J., Young, E. J., & Cox, G. (2010). Using teacher-written praise notes to promote a positive environment in a middle school. Preventing School Failure, 54(2), 119-125. This article is available at

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