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Analysis of how both companies meet their financial objectives and aims Essay

In this report I have decided to concentrate on two companies, Woolworth’s plc and WHSmith plc, I will be analysing and comparing the two companies on their objectives (what they say their objectives are, and how they meet those objectives set) and their performances (if they have made profit or loss). I will research all these from their annual report, which is provided on the Internet.

An introduction of both companies Woolworth’s is known to be one of Britain’s leading general merchandise retailers, with great brands, strong market position and a powerful presence in home entertainment. The company has one of the highest customer shopper’s performances of all UK retailers’ and today known to be the largest non-food retail chains. WHSmith is also one of the UK’s leading retail groups incorporating market-leading companies in retailing publishing and news distributing.

WHSmith has 1,464 stores world-wide; all these locate in place like the UK high street, airport, stations and countries outside of the United Kingdom such as North America and Asia The performance of the companies Last year was an eventful and challenging year for the Woolworth; the first half of the year when they were still part of Kingfisher’s plc was a moment of uncertainty as the future of the company was being decided.

The company detached themselves from Kingfisher plc on 28 August 2001, leaving them with 200 million of debt, over ? 100 million of excess stock, loss marking new format and e-business. Woolworth’s formats are designed to appeal to the value-conscious consumer. Woolworth’s is a mass-market retailer with a leading brand and broad product offering at competitive prices.

Their mission is “to be at the heart of the community and the best loved retailer for kids, home and family leisure”. The company’s brand is known to be one of the best-recognised retail brands in the UK and proving this is on average, 6. 5 million customer transactions are made on tills per week. Woolworth’s business operates in the UK general merchandising market, which is both large and highly fragmented, with participants of varying sizes and covering different category mixes.

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