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Analgesic Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Thin Layer Chromatography

Using the Thin Layer Chromatography experiment, caffeine was found to be the most polar due to the fact that it stayed closer to the stationary phase. Caffeine contains four amine groups that are extremely polar as a result of the hydrogen bond and amide functional group. Acetaminophen was found to be the second most polar analgesic drug tested. Acetaminophen contains a polar alcohol group on one side and amide group on the other but also includes non-polar functional groups that consisted of the benzene ring and methyl group. Acetylsalicylic acid low polarity results from only containing a carboxylic acid and ester and the presence of alkenes in the benzene ring. Ibuprofen was the least polar out of all analgesic drugs…

Datril Case

Datril: pioneering the acetaminophen market Decision Marvin Koslow, vice president for marketing services at Bristol-Myers is going to choose a positioning strategy for Datril, an acetaminophen based analgesic, in order to solidify Bristol-Myers’ position in the analgesics market and gain share in the rapidly growing acetaminophen market. There are two possible options: ‘Pricing at par with Tylenol and it as a Tylenol substitute, featuring Bristol-Myers product’ and ‘low Priced alternative to Tylenol’. I strongly recommend that Bristol-Myers choose the former option with a modification. Reasons for the Decision First of all, this option gives the company a chance to effectively target. The target customer of Datril should not be overlapped with those of Tylenol. Tylenol was a dominant and well…