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Anabolism Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Physiological Aids in sport

Physiological aids are banned substances and methods that athletes use within competition and training to improve their performance. Physiological aids are used in sport as they help an athlete’s performance. Some aids help to increase heart rate, adrenaline rate and stimulate the body but other aids lower the heart rate and change the growth of muscles and bones. Sport is suppose to help us learn from defeat and victory, encourage us to participate in team sports, encourage a spirit of co-operation, and interdependence, and mainly encouraging moral and social values. It also means that an individual person can lead a healthy lifestyle while performing and also helping the individual to bring about a healthy, integrated society. There are many influences…

Editorial Essay

Have you ever looked at a professional athlete and wondered how they could possibly have such defined muscles in their arms, legs, and even their abdominal region. While I am watching any kind of professional bicycling event I wonder how these men and women could possibly have the endurance to bike for such a long time. Some of these athletes have a dark secret. The use of banned performance-enhancing drugs (PED) in sports, also referred to as doping, is on the rise not only in the professional sport world, but even with young and unsupervised athletes. Doping has become a problem since at least the 1960s according to Michael Shermer, journalist for the Huffington Post. Like most sport fans, I…