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An Unlucky Day Essay

It was a fine sunday morning. dad decided to go to the seaside but it took me ages to find my swimming suit. meanwhile,john and jane ,my younger siblings ,got in a fight of toys and they were both in tears. when mum was preparing roasted chicken she timed the oven and forgot to removed the food and it was all burnt,to our great disappointment. so,she just had time to pack snacks and we decided to buy a lunch on the beach. when we were half-way our destination the fuel got over and we all had to give a push to the nearest filing station. e were all very exhausted but nevertheless did not lose hope. once on the beach,Jane started crying like mad when she realised that she did not put her beach toys and we had a to take a long time to console her.

Then afterwards john was hungry and there were no shops on the beach ,so we had to walk 2 kilometres for a nice restaurant to our great horror,dad forgot his purse in the car and could not pay the bills and mum had to give them her golden chain. efinitely,lady luck was not on our side ! dad decided to go back without swimming but john created a havoc and with much pursuasion he finally agreed . on our way we got lost but finally reached home with a great relief ! But the keys of our house was nowhere to be seen ! I weeped bitterly and tears came rolling down my parents’ cheeks

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