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Amylase Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Carb Cutter

Many Americans have turned to diet pills. Should you? In the United States today many people have supposedly lost weight with certain pills. One of these pills is called carb cutter. Carb Cutter claims to inhibit the activity of the starch-digesting enzyme, amylase. When the diet pill binds to the amylase, it prevents the breakdown of starch. In the Biology 1103 lab, we conducted two experiments to determine whether or not the diet pill, Carb Cutter, actually worked. In each experiment we used an experiment tube and a control (blank) tube. The purpose of a blank is to set a base level (zero) from which other measurements can be performed. In the first experiment we were trying to see if…

Effects of pH on Amylase Activity

Abstract: Amylase is an important enzyme in the human body as it allows for the consumption of starch by breaking the polysaccharide down into maltose units. All enzymes, including amylase, function best at a certain optimal pH. Therefore, in this experiment, the effect of different pHs on the reaction rate of amylase is studied. It was hypothesized that the amylase-starch reaction would proceed fastest at a pH closest to that of the body, or 7.0, since that is where the enzyme normally functions. Lower and higher pHs would cause the enzyme reaction to proceed slower. In order to test the hypotheses, several reactions of amylase and starch solutions with varying pHs were set up. The addition of the mixture to…

What organic molecule can be detected with Lugol’s?

When we put the Lugol’s regent (I2Kl) in the beaker, we can observe the effects of osmosis as the Lugol’s regent (I2Kl) solution on the outside of the beaker permeates the intestine (Dialysis tubing) inducing a chemical reaction that will turn the liquid in the intestine (Dialysis tubing) blue-black. If the amylase successfully digests the starch, what results would you expect? If the amylase successfully digests the starch, I would expect a no color change occur as well as a presence of glucose in the intestine (Dialysis tubing). If the amylase only partly digests the starch, what would you expect to happen? If the amylase only partly digests the starch, I would expect to see a faint color change as…