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Amplifier Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Audio Amplifier project

The objective of this report is to illustrate the entire process of bringing an audio amplifier from a circuit diagram to a finished, working product. The basis of the amplifier will be the LM386 chip and as such, this will be looked at in further detail along with other technical features of the project. Aims and Objectives The overall objective of this project is to design and build the circuit for a stereo output audio amplifier whilst ensuring a high sound quality at all input frequencies and volume settings. The housing for the circuitry and speakers must also be considered, it should be strong enough to withstand being moved about and sturdy as to ensure that it doesn’t rattle when…

Piezoelectric Charger: Pcb Design Project Report

Portable mobile charger using piezoelectric energy executive summary Alternative energy sources are one of the main focuses in research and development in many aspects in engineering, especially electronic devices. By targeting renewable energy sources, not only will the amount of pollution decrease but also help in preserving the rapidly depleting resources available on Earth. Compared to all the other energy sources, electrical energy conservation has the greatest potential and most opportunity. The objective of our circuit design project was to create a portable mobile device charger that will operate using vibration energy sources other than the standard charging mechanisms. As most of latest mobile phones are capable of charging from Universal Serial Bus (USB) we decided to design our circuit…