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Amnesty Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Treatment of Guantanamo Bay detainees and Human rights. Discuss

This essay shall consider whether violation of human rights of Guantanamo Bay detainees is justifiable given the recent developments of terrorism after 9/11. By human rights, we shall consider these to be those under the most recent Geneva Convention; and abuse to mean mental and physical torture and actions which go against the will of the individual. It will be argued that human rights abuses on Guantanamo bay detainees should, for the most part, be disallowed because they undermine individuals’ liberty and welfare, along with the fact that this treatment is not resolving the war on terror despite sporadic developments. It could be maintained that the violation of human rights for Guantanamo bay prisoners are acceptable because they can help…

Death Penalty in India

Short Essay on the Capital Punishment in India – Capital punishment has been a matter of debate for long now, and across the world public opinion is, by and large, in favour of abolishing it, as it is increasingly seen as a barbaric measure to check crime. Modern abolitionist jurists are of the view that if killing is wrong, no amount of legal or social sanction can make it right. If it is wrong for a man to kill another man, so it is even for the State to do. Besides, citing statistics, they argue that capital punishment has had no visible effect as a deterrent and has utterly failed to bring in a dip in the number of murders,…