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American Writers Essay

Introduction This is a kind of work that I like very much to do because of help me to remember and memorize everything that I learned and help me to broaden my vocabulary. In this journal I’m going to do a brief analysis of everything that I learned in classes, poems, films, magazines, authors, books and other things. My objectives in this journal are not only get a good mark but also, as I mencioned, learned something else. So, enjoy this travel! “Introduction to Poetry” by Billy Collins 18/09/2012.

“Two Trains Running” by Tony Hoagland 18/09/2012 What is poetry? 20/09/2012 Poetry is a form of writing in which the author chooses the length of the lines, and not the publisher. Terry Eagletor “High Windows” by Philip Larkin 20/09/2012 Poems about writing poetry 25/09/2012 “Purity” by Billy Collins “I go back to May 1937” by Sharon Olds 25/09/2012 “Paradelle for Susan” by Billy Collins 25/09/2012 “Duck/Rabbit” by Billy Collins 25/09/2012 Factors that influenced interpretation 2/10/2012 Example: “The Sick Rose” by William Blake.

Satan Says (Pitt poetry series): Sharon Olds (1980) 4/10/2012 “The sisters of sexual treasure” “First night” “Indictment of Senior Officers” “Satan says” “Tricks” “The language of the brag” “Night terrors” “Late” “The housewives watching morning TV” “Prayer” The Dead and the Living: Sharon Olds (1984) “Poem to my first lover” “New mother” The Unswept Room: Sharon Olds (2002) “His Costume” “Blood, Tin, Straw”- 1999 16/10/2012 “Coming of Age, 1966” by Sharon Olds “The Toilet” by Gcina Mhlophe 18/10/2012.

Extract of a novel “Dirty Weekend” by Helen Zahavi 23/10/2012 Introduction to the Sherman Alexie’s book “Flight” 6/11/2012 Chapter 1 and 2 Chapters 3 to 10 of “Flight” by Sherman Alexie 8/11/2012 Magazine “Native Peoples” 8/11/2012 “Flight is supposed to be beautiful . It’s supposed to be pure. ” 13/11/2012 Movie “War Party” by Franc Roddam 15/11/2012 Literary and non-literary texts J M Coetzee- “The Life and Times of Michael K” Toni Morrison- “A Mercy” Anita Heiss- “Avoiding Mr. Right” Zane Grey- “The Spirit of the Border”.

Stephen King- “The wolves of the Calla” Literary texts| | “A Mercy” by Toni Morrison“The Wolves of the Calla” by Stephen King“The Spirit of the Border” by Zane GreyThese, are literary texts because express the inner and subjective reality of the author, allows various interpretations and not intended to inform but recreate the reality. | | Feminism 18/10/2012 “In a different voice”:Carol Gilligan “Writing a woman’s life”: Carolin Heilbrun “Ariel”: Sylvia Plath “As Novas Cartas Portuguesas”: Maria Teresa Horta

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