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American Ways Essay

The author is was once a foreign student advisor and he puts forward various ways of adjusting to the new environment in America. These pieces of advice are directed to foreign visitors who come to America from all walks of life. The article has an objective of helping the visitors to understand the attitudes, communication styles, motivations and actions of Americans. Indonesian culture is very rich in diversity. The culture came about as a result of multi cultural interactions between the Indonesians and other communities during their trading journeys.

Their religion is a mix of Hindu, Muslims and partly Christianity. A lot of their cultures still have bias to the ancient civilizations. Indonesia still lacks an original and native cultural way of life. Althen puts forward various interpretations towards the lifestyle of Americans. These explanations cover areas like politics, male-female relationships, family life, education and religion, personal hygiene among the rest. Americans are self dependant people. This spirit of dependence is instilled right from childhood where children are taught to make their own decisions concerning expenditure and moral standards.

This self independence spreads to al other spheres. Most Americans therefore cherish privacy and they dislike any intruder in their lives. The independence has also instilled competition in the country and as a result, people strive to be the best they can in all areas as sports and business. The bill on equality was declared right from independence and as a result most of them believe that all people are created equal. Indonesia on the other hand has multiple cultures. Their religion is borrowed from Hindu, Islam and Buddhism.

Example of cultural fusion includes interaction between Hindu and Islam in Javanese. The performing arts of Indonesia is a mix with the Wavang tradition being the dominating style. Western culture has also influenced the Indonesian culture through entertainment like songs and movies. Early preparation is necessary so that the Indonesians can be prepared to live in America where people tend to live as individual beings. Only a few adjustments are necessary because Indonesians have practiced to live in multi culture.

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