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American History Essay

The American Revolution posed to be an important event for both African Americans and women. For women, the impact of this event solidified their role and place in society (Courtney, 1999). These women made Americans understand their significance and worth in different aspects. On the other hand, for African Americans, this event started the process of change in terms of equality and the prevalent system of slavery.

It is in this light such impact paved the way as a stepping stone towards gaining freedom and independence from their masters (Hooker, 1996). Comparing the two scenarios (women and African Americans), it can be argued that these two groups share the same principles each one fights for. The only difference in this is the manner wherein they are applied or the conditions that needs to be addressed. Looking at it, both parties seek to develop a renewed interest for (1) freedom, (2) equality, and (3) rights.

However, in terms of application, we can see that African Americans clamor for this to eliminate the system of prejudice and hate brought about by slavery and apartheid. On the other hand, women continue to seek these principles for their desires to be equally associated with men in both rights and responsibilities. Despite these efforts, Americans continue to hinder participation for both African Americans and women. For women, suffrage was still maintained for men (Courtney, 1999).

At the same time, jobs and responsibilities continue to be categorized accordingly with little or minimal changes. On the part of African Americans, apartheid and slavery continues to exist in some states. Likewise, prejudice and racial hate continues to be present especially among Southern states wherein some African American slaves were subjected (Hooker, 1996). The leaders in turn justified these actions as a result of adjustment and transition process wherein leaders and members of society have to adhere to these new set of standards and norms.

At the same time, it was better off this way because some groups continue to pursue previous rules and principles since they are not subjected to such actions. Lastly, this endeavor opens up opportunities for change wherein it may prove to be difficult to handle for some leaders. It is through these myriad of reasons that many American leaders tried to limit down the application of the commitment towards equality.

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