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American films Essay

be at work making sure he works his ass off to get us where we are now. Although I don’t see him most of the time during my childhood, and he missed almost every one of my birthday’s I can never be mad at him for it. Something I most admire my father for is the fact he gave up his family and life he had back in the islands to support his daughter and pregnant wife, which changed all our lives. As soon as he joined the military he flew us 2 kids and my mother out to America to see our new house in Hawaii. The day we all came to America was the day we left behind the poverty and worries back in Samoa. Since that day, I have always respected my father. Even though I sometimes abhor is actions towards discipline, I constantly think back to the days we had it rough and who it was that became our hero from there on out. Without his decisions on coming to America and toward his responsibilities, I wouldn’t have had hope in finding a future for myself back in the islands. Because of my father’s life changing choices, I am living a life of a lifetime; a humble lifestyle.

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