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A public school system must tap its teachers in revealing the test results with the parents of their students and the community where they belong. The teachers of the public schools must be held responsible for sharing the test results of the children and explaining their implications. The more likely case is that the teachers are the ones who made and conducted the examinations so they are at a more advantageous position to give assessments of the results and give recommendations to the children’s parents. They will be more able to explain what might have been the factors that led to those test results.

They can elaborate to the parents the learning development of their children and what they can personally contribute to aid the learning of the children. The test results will likewise indicate the rate of success of the curriculum being implemented. High test results likely mean that the objectives of the curriculum are being met and their execution is being made exceptionally. On the contrary, low test results will make the school administrators think about the over-all design of the curriculum and its implementation.

The result of the tests will also provide hints on the kind of tinkering or adjustments that need to be done to the curriculum to make it a better one and more compatible to the needs of the learners. Question no. 2: One of the evaluative measures that is often used to assess the effectiveness of a program or curriculum is one that is centered on the achievement of the subject matters and the visible reactions of the learners towards the lessons incorporated in the program.

The first factor is the extent by which the subject matters are made comprehensible and presented to the learners. This is because most of the tests given by the teachers put much stress to the knowledge gained about the subject matter. This idea promotes the students’ memorization and habit-formation. They must fully imbibe every lesson and incorporate them in their everyday routines – their habits.

The learners must be able to reflect their learning by always being able to readily state the contents of every lesson and apply each principle in everything they do. The second factor is centered on the emotional reaction of the learners – the persons who are the most direct recipients of the program’s applications. This factor can be measured by looking at the way learners behave while being taught and while undergoing the evaluative measures.

If the learners display favorable responses – if they participate actively during lessons, do not get bored while listening to the teacher’s features and radiate confidence after every session – the program may be said to have fulfilled its aims. If the learners display the opposite of the aforementioned behaviors, the program may need some modifications. References: Caswell, Hollis Leland. (1935). Curriculum development. New York, Cincinnati: American Book Company. Stevens, Marion Paine. (1931). The activities curriculum in the primary grades. Boston and New York : D. C. Heath and Company.

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