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Altes Museum Essay Topics & Paper Examples


“The relationship between the object and the intervening spaces is not formal: it is always rooted in the context of a particular setting” Dalibor Vesely (in Brooker and Stone, 2007, p. 57). The Neues or New Museum (see figure [1]) was completely built in 1855. The building was design by a Prussian architect, Karl Friedrich Schinkel. The purpose of the building was originally built as an extension house to accommodate Altes Museum. Most of Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s works were Neo-Classical, such as, Neue Wache also known as New Gate House and The Konzerthaus Berlin (von Buttlar, A. Architectural Guide [2012], pg 4). Architecture in style of Neo-Classic contains the component of characteristic temple-like features of Greek and Rome (for instance,…