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Alternative Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Alternative Perspective

Wisdom, they say, lays in moderation. Surely, one does not need to engage in an otherwise rigorous philosophical inquiry so as to sufficiently demonstrate its full implication. One only has to look at oneself; i. e. , one’s own existence to appreciate what this oft-quoted infamous passage means. For human life, all things considered, is itself a glaring testimony of our natural inclination towards a kind of stability marked by balance, if not by moderation. There are times when one’s spirit delights in the soaring heights of flair and fun; i. e. , one welcomes the bliss and joy that come with joyful experiences. There are times however when one’s soul confounds the crashing miseries of somber and pain; i….

Growing Without Schooling

Homeschooling is a realistic alternative or replacement to tuition institutions. In conformity with your land laws as regards this make of indoctrination, children about and learn under the parent’s supervision free essays on the canterbury tales. Homeschooling is currently a hot social issue because of the major increase of homeschooled American children in the last decade. There are two major opinions on this issue: parents who believe they have a right to choose how their children are educated and those who believe that children need to be socially stimulated and that educators can instill patriotic values that cannot be taught in the home arena. Many parents insist that children can learn more easily at home, in an environment where disruptions…

Two complementary therapies

Acupuncture – this technique is also considered to be a complimentary therapy. Acupuncture is a type of an ancient Chinese medicine that has been practiced for thousands of years by the Chinese. This technique is basically where you inject refined needles that have been sterile into the patient’s body. Practitioners use this method to master a bunch of both medical and health conditions like depression, arthritis and tendonitis and much more. It is commonly used to treat conditions that have something to do with pain like headaches and chronic back pains. There are some advantages that come with acupuncture. Advantages: Acupuncture gives relief to the patient from bodily and psychological sickness. It is also a biological alternative to medications and…

Global energy crisis

Man is dependent on energy, which has been the key to his rapid industrial growth and technological development. The pace of development after industrial revolution is unprecedented. Just 200 years ago, the world experienced energy revolution that launched the industrial age. The catalyst to this epochal change was ordinary black coal – an energy rich hydrocarbon. A century later, oil and gas were added to satiate the thirst of industry. Man still relies mainly on these fossil fuels. Nevertheless many other sources of energy: hydro, solar, nuclear, wind, geothermal, biogas and wave have been taped. These sources of energy are not only renewable but clean as well. Since the hydrocarbons are exhaustible and their use also threatens human health and…

Principle of teaching

Maintaining an environment for first-class higher education Nine educational principles underpin the University of Melbourne’s teaching and learning objectives. These principles represent the shared view within the University of the processes and conditions that contribute to first-class higher education. The nine principles were first adopted by the University’s Academic Board in 2002. This renewed edition of the document reflects the bold changes the University has undergone since then with the implementation of the Melbourne Model. Many elements of the nine principles are embedded in the philosophy of the Melbourne Model. The provision of a cohort experience, the breadth component, research-led teaching, attention to the physical and intellectual learning environment, knowledge transfer opportunities: these features of the Melbourne Model incorporate the…