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Alignment Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Curriculum Alignment

Curriculum development process are steps and processes where by educational contents are designed, learning activities are specified and evaluation methods are devised in schools. Pugach, M. C. (1996). These are broken down into various subjects that are taught in schools in different classes (grades). In line with this; students’ needs in learning are catered for and should be kept with international standards. The curriculum should be able to promote the learning development and assess the students’ performances. We all are aware that there is no particular effective teaching method but the following instructional methods for a teacher should be used. The teacher’s presentation skills, should explain to the students what is expected of them. In teaching, the teacher should not…

HBS General Motors essay

What are the challenges of managing a matrix organization like GM’s basketweave? How has GM chosen to address these challenges? GM’s basketweave structure fits into a simultaneous organization structure perfectly. The purpose of implementing this matrix structure is to achieving both differentiation and integration within different regional segments and also within functional units. The new structure will help “to overhaul processes and reduce overlapping product lines, eliminating similar, often competing, models, and developing common systems for product development, design, and manufacture.1” The new management team expects basketweave structure will help them implementing their new strategy to cut cost and to improve GM’s management efficiency and productivity. Just as GM’s CEO Wagoner said “A matrix is a horrible way to run…