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Alien Invasion Essay

First there is Biotic potential which is the maximum rate a population could increase under ideal conditions, meaning if the area is good for sustainability then the population is likely to thrive. Second we have Exponential population growth, which is growth that occurs when optimal conditions are met, eventually if births outnumber deaths then a problem arises. Third we have environmental resistance, which plays a part in exponential growth, if the being can survive then they will grow, there is also unfavorable environments where only certain beings can reside, Antarctica for example houses penguins, they reside in no other place other than zoos. (Wiley, 2000-2012) I must digress here and say something about zoos. How would people feel if aliens came to this planet, captured some of us, and put us in cages for the amusement of other aliens? Would they in turn release the animals from the zoo, or would they keep them there?

Or what if the animals turned on us and put us in cages? I know I would not like it. Fourth we have carrying capacity, which is the largest population a particular environment can sustain long term. (Wiley, 2000-2012) In the video every factor affects the ‘Nutria’, they have the environment, one mother has 40 babies, population growth is extreme, they thrive so they have overcome any environmental hazards there may have been. The carrying capacity is the only thing that directly affects how the ‘Nutria’ survive, eventually they will deplete their environment and either have to move on and adapt to a new environment which could be fatal to them or allow them to thrive, or they will die off, hopefully because they aren’t smart enough to move on.

Wiley, J. (2000-2012). Berg, Visualizing Environmental Science. Unknown: John Wiley and Sons, Inc..

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