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Alibaba Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Alibaba Group

It was in the year 1999 that 18 people under the leadership of Jack Ma, a teacher from Hangzhou, China, were to begin a journey known as Alibaba Group. Its headquarter lies in Hangzhou itself. Alibaba group have established, as of December 2013, 73 offices in China and 16 outside its borders. At the end of the 2014, it was reported to employ over 22,000 people from across the world. It was initially conceived as an online wholesale channel for enabling small traders to get in touch and conduct business with global entities. The group operates several businesses such as Juhusuan, Aliexpress,, Alimama, Taobao marketplace,, Alipay and Alibaba cloud computing. At its heart, the core objective of Alibaba is…