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Alfie Kohn Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The debate over homework

With homework being the debate topic since the 1940s, research shows that with the formulation and results of the Common Core and ACT assessments American people are questioning where they stand in terms of education. The ongoing debate on education has been misinterpreted by American society and since Americans realize that they are falling behind on educational ranking, a controversy on the amount and quality of homework given to students compared to the amount of learning that are shown through testing, questions the educational standards of Americans. Compared to other nations, Americans are falling in the bottom fifth in educational rankings. This brings up the debate over homework and its effectiveness. Does practicing an assignment guarantee mastering it? How much…

The benefit of homework

This article was written by Dorothy Suskind, a 1-st grade teacher in Richmond, and an adjunct instructor for the University of Virginia and the University of Richmond. In it she did research that consistently showed that homework has only a slight effect on student’s educational achievement. She expressed that it was a brave act for her to challenge the practice of giving homework and its benefits. If correct, she knew she had to answer questions like, “What will the parents say? How will children learn self-discipline and study skills? And,” How will my child prepare himself for tomorrow’s work force? She knew that she and other researchers had to be advocates for the children they taught and speak out at…