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Alex Cross Book Review Essay

How would you react if you found out that a mass murderer you have been trying to capture and arrest for over a few months was hiding in your cellar waiting for the perfect time to crawl out and kill you? In the book Cat & Mouse by James Patterson, these are the type of people Homicide Detective Alex Cross has to deal with on a daily basis. Alex Cross, who lives in Washington D.C. and works for the FBI, is going throughout his daily life of solving small murder cases and living with his family. When Gary Soneji, one of the men he got convicted to jail for kidnapping a few years back, is released, Soneji seeks out revenge of Alex.

Soneji pulls off a brutal string of murders leaving behind small clues for Alex to find and use to figure out Soneji’s ultimate plan. Soneji isn’t the only one carrying out murders at the time, though. All over Europe, a man known as Mr. Smith has been abducting citizens of several countries and mutilating the bodies. Now not only does Alex have to figure out what Soneji plans to do, but he also has an extremely brutal man on the loose in Europe he has to catch before his rampage goes on any longer. Remarkably, even through all of these murders and investigations Alex is able to pursue his love interest and the outcome of the story is one you won’t ever expect. Will Alex catch the two murderers or will he end up as one of their victims? You’ll have to read to find out.

I recommend this book to anyone he enjoys a suspenseful, thrilling, and overall interesting book. It didn’t take too long to read and it was really hard to put the book down once you get reading. There was, however, some tough dialogue in the book.

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