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Akon Essay Topics & Paper Examples

English Essay

The writer, Moniza Alvi, has picked the perfect setting in the poem ‘An Unknown Girl’ for the narrator to explore her thoughts and feelings about her Indian birth culture- an Indian bazaar. Probably like Moniza who has dealt with getting to know her Pakistani birth culture after being raised in the UK, the Indian narrator has grown up away from her birth culture. Thrown in the middle of the Indian bazaar where everything is unfamiliar and strange to her much like her cultural identity. The writer has the narrator confront her culture head on forcing her through the process of emersion to come to terms with her culture and eventually embrace it as being an essential part of her identity….

My last farewell

He is glad to give his life for his fellow brothers and sisters of his native land. This was the life of Rizal in pursuing to get the freedom of our country. He adores the beautiful country that he and others are fighting for. He is glad to give his life to Filipinas even though his life was brighter. The dedication and patriotism to the country is without second thoughts. It doesn’t matter how one struggles, that all struggles, all deaths, are worth it if it is for the good of the country. After seeing the GOMBURZA persecution, Rizal promised to his self that he will dedicate his life in to the Filipino and for the victims of deaths. And…