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Akbar the Great Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Mansabdari system

INTRODUCTION Mansabdari system It was the generic term for the military -type grading of all imperial officials of the Mughal Empire. The mansabdars governed the empire and commanded its armies in the emperor’s name. Though they were usually aristocrats, they did not form a feudal aristocracy, for neither the offices nor the estates that supported them were hereditary The term is derived from Mansab, meaning ‘rank’. Hence, Mansabdar literally means rank-holder. History Instituted by the Mughal emperor Akbar, Mansabdari was a system common to both the military and the civil department. Basically the Mansabdari system was borrowed from Persia. It was prevalent during the reign of Babur and Humayun. Akbar made some important changes to the system and made it…