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Aims And Objectives Essay

1. To provide a Norway themed dining experience to customers during the operation with good quality of food and beverage, service and dining atmosphere (theme creation and restaurant environment). *good quality of food and beverage refers to the appearance, temperature, tastes and portion size of food and beverage **good quality of service refers to the attentiveness, upselling skills, grooming, politeness and serving skills ***good dining atmosphere refers the decoration, entertainment, restaurant music, table setup and the staff uniform

Operational Objective

1.1 To achieve an average score of 4 in overall rating of food and beverage 1.2 To achieve an average score of 3.5 in rating of each course and beverage item 1.3 To achieve an average score of 4 in restaurant environment 1.4 Over 75% of guests recognize the theme of restaurant are traditional Norwegian Life Educational Aims

1. Integrate and apply theories and management skills in previous semester.

Essay Topics:

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