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aided design Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Chapter 5 Case Study Stop! Wait! I am pulling down a menu!

Management Information Systems In San Jose, California has the smallest officer-to-resident ratio that is one police officer for 925 residents (Oz, 2009, P. 190). However this city is considered one of the safest larger cities in the US (Oz, 2009, P. 190). This implied that the city offices were efficient and productive and were using the right and better technology and software tools to manage city police, fire communications and dispatching functions. “The Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system is a highly specialized application that is designed to facilitate coordinated communication, assignment and tracking of Police and Fire Department resources in response to calls-for service.” (Michael, A. Smith .2004-2005, Santa Clara County Civil Grand jury report) In 2004 City replaced all…