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Ages Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Gender In The Middle Ages

During the medieval periods, gender is a great measure defining the state of a certain person in a certain society. According to the Qur’an, the male gendered people are always considered as superior than that of the female figures because the scripture explains that it is as God created man first before creating a woman and that the man is the protector and provider of the woman. In the medieval period society, those people who acquire power are said to be all male gendered ones. A woman is never allowed to hold power because they are said to be subjected in doing household chores because they are believed to be inferior being than that of man. Females are believed to…

Urban Life in the Middle Ages

The book “Urban Life in the Middle Ages” by Keith D. Lilley discusses historical development and urban changes affected urban population during the Middle Ages. The author claims that: ”the Middle Ages is a contested heritage – it means different things for different people” (p. 21). Lilley describes a medieval town as the main regional and even cultural unit which kept traditions, values and unique way of life. The book consists of an introduction, 7 chapters, conclusions, tables, figures and plates. The first three chapters address urban culture and heritage, legal foundations of towns and the main institutions. The author describes medieval culture and legacies, the main factors and driven forces of change. Also, Lilley draws a line between medieval…