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Agencies Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Different agencies

This paper will discuss the power of statistics and how they are used in real life. It will relate the example of ex-president George Bush’s pre-election polls and what happened that reduced his estimate in the election. Several errors in forecasting will be analyzed along with the reasons why those errors exist. Finally some of the sampling techniques will be explained giving the best technique that can be utilized in pre-election polls. Differences in Polls According to the article by Kudlow (2000) “The weak-end of polling,” the author clearly states that polling done by different agencies are subject to a wide range of errors. And it is because of these errors that Bush’s victory in the polls has been forecasted…

Health Care Regulatory Agencies Paper

Health care regulatory agencies supervise professional of the health care profession such as physicians, hospitals, and labs. Providing information in regards to changes in health care along with ensuring the safety and legal compliance and the quality of services provided to the public is the duty assigned to the agency. These agencies can range from the federal, all the way to the local level with the task of establishing rules and regulations for the health care industry to follow. The supervision of these is imperative. Fields of expertise range from disease control, health care providers, to food and drug. These different agencies are all housed under the Department of Health and Human Services. The FDA is the agency that will…