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Age of exploration Essay

Which term best describes the period?

“God,Gold, and Glory”

European adventures explored North America with the motivation of “God,Gold, and Glory” This alone tells you that this was an age of exploitation. I believe it was Hernan Cortez who told the Aztec natives that his men suffered from a disease that could only be cured by Gold. Let us not forget that at this time Spain was trying to become a world Power. After Columbus’s first voyage in 1493 Spain sent out ships to the Pope demanding right’s to Columbus’s discoveries. The Pope agreed and Spain was entitled to any non-christian western Lands discovered but only if the native population were converted to Christianity. At these times religion was used as a form of control.. Many can argue that the Pope could have also benefited from letting the conquistadors explore the western lands and convert the natives to Christianity.

Many European countries were expanding and exploring for several reasons..By claiming more Territory and resources,A country would become more wealthier. And powerful. After Cortez conquered Mexico all there natives were used as slaves and Most of the valuable riches were transported back to Spain. All natives were killed by disease or slave work and the few that survived were forced to convert to Christianity. What once may have started as exploration would soon get consumed by “Greed,power,and Exploitation.”

Many European countries were expanding and exploring other countries for several reasons many European countries were expanding and exploring other countries for several reasons

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