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Afrocentric Essay Topics & Paper Examples

A New Look at Afrocentric Curriculum

The term Afrocentric Curriculum is used synonymously or interchangeably with such terms as Afrocentricity or Afrocentrism referring to an African centered educational system as opposed to the traditional European centered one. According to Nobles, Afrocentric Curriculum represents the concept of quality of thought and practice rooted in the cultural image and interest of African and African-American people. That is, it represents and reflects the life experiences, history, and traditions of African and African-American people as the center of analyses (Nobles, 11). One of the outstanding advocates of Afrocentricity, University Professor Molefi K. Asante asserts, among other ideas, that Afrocentricity means treating African people as subjects instead of objects, putting them in the middle of their own historical context as active…