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Affirmative Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Affirmative action in the United States

Tanglewood may have difficulty filling their vacancies in the future because the company has a very large shortage with their sales associates. Even though Spokane has a high unemployment rate and they are able to supply a lot of people with jobs, the chances of closing the gap that is needed to fill the vacancies aren’t likely. Since the sales associates move up to shift leader, department manager, assistant store manager and then store manager then the company can fill the higher level vacancies easier. This then creates the huge shortage with sales associates. As time goes on Tanglewood will have difficulty filling vacancies just because there won’t be enough people that fits the requirements in order to be hired…

Demonstration of Critical Thinking

The textbook in chapter one page 4 defines critical thinking as: a collection of skills we use every day that are necessary for our full intellectual and personal development it basically means to be able to have good judgment , make good decisions, and how to think rather than what to think. Another set of terms that are found in the textbook is Affirmative Action which is a political, and social controversy about race and equality when hiring potential employees or admitting students into a college university usually this involves minorities who may or may not have the necessary credentials or are unable to meet certain criteria for acceptance it is based merely on a person’s race, or even sexual…