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Aerospace Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Driving forces of Aerospace and Defense industry

Regulatory influences and government policy changes. The aerospace & defense industry remains a profitable yet challenging business. Global cuts in government spending, especially in the United States, will put significant financial pressure on companies, forcing them to realign their strategies and diversify their business models. The ongoing decrease of military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan coupled with reduced military budgets globally continue to affect revenues throughout the defense sector. The biggest challenge for defense contractors is growing profitably in a decreasing market. Increasing globalization and emerging new markets. According to a 2012 report from Chicago-based Boeing Co., commercial aviation is experiencing a virtually unprecedented and prolonged up cycle, as demonstrated by recent increases in production by Boeing as well as…

“The Boeing Company: Moonshine Shop”

In this report, I reflect upon the challenges that an established firm such as Boeing faces in doing innovative activities, and how it tackles them. As the world’s leading aerospace company, Boeing was one of the largest US exporters in terms of sales, with revenues in excess of $50billion. The rising success of competitor Airbus meant that Boeing was fighting to stay on top. It wasn’t enough for the company to merely cut costs. Bringing innovation to its business processes was the key to survival. It had to streamline processes while improving quality, becoming nimble while responding quickly to customer demand, and empowering employees while increasing profits. Boeing pursued two main strategies that helped it retain its share in the…