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Advertisers Do Have a Responsibility to Society Essay

We are live in a society surrounded by a variety of advertisements. The amount spent alone in advertisement by the top 10 companies in the U.S. cost up to billions of dollars per year. Advertisements can be both beneficial and harmful to viewers. Consumers collect information about a certain product or service through advertisement so advertisers have a responsibility to deliver truthful information to the public.

However, advertisers frequently disregard these important responsibilities. They rather focus on creating false advertisements to deceive their target audience by using a variety of advertising techniques.

Because advertiser wants to sell more amount than competitor, advertiser creates false, deceptive, exaggerative, excess advertisement. These kinds of advertisement cause consumers to spend more. Moreover, it lacks the consumers’ ability to judge the products.

For example, Dannon’s popular Activia brand yogurt lured consumers into paying more for its purported nutritional benefits. When it was actually pretty much the same as every other kind of yogurt (ABC News). Another example is for Taco Bell’s seasoned beef. When consumers raised questions about what was actually seasoning Taco Bell’s seasoned beef, the company didn’t know how to respond. It was simply using oat filler. Which means the meat isn’t seasoned beef at all, according to USDA standards. The franchise had been tricking its consumers into thinking its products were of a higher grade than they actually were (Ad Age).

In conclusion, whether company or person, who are not aware of information, will fall behind. Even though there is good side of advertise, such as fast deliver information, wider choices, and instruct way of spending. However, on other hands, advertiser creates stereotypes, selling bad food towards children, using sex, etc. by using many adverting techniques. I believe these kind of advertise causes so much bad influence on our society.

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