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Advertisement Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Offensive Advertisement

Some marketers use persuasive advertisements to capture the attention of the customers; however, some marketers use offensive concepts to make publicity and create strong brand awareness. This is what Dolce and Gabanna did in endorsing the products in the market. The magazine advertisement portrays an image of a lady while being raped by a group of men. The controversial advertisement shows a man holding a woman by her wrists which symbolizes domestic violence. While the lady lies on the ground and the man grips her arm, they are being surrounded by topless men. Apparently, this advertisement portrays violence against women (Walters, 2007). Obviously, the company wants to promote publicity through this poster advertisement. The company aims to sell the brand…

How to analyze an ad

Analysis of how a particular advertisement attempts to appeal to consumers By giving form to audience motives and desires, advertisers have the best chance of arresting attention and affecting communication. This is an analysis of the lift advertisement for Maxwell House Coffee created by the design agency Ogilvy Beijing of China. When the doors opened, sleepy people in an office building were shocked awake, providing a tongue-in-cheek metaphor for the effects of drinking a cup of Maxwell House Coffee. The marketplace has grown increasingly congested in a frenzied competition for the consumer’s attention. Within this context advertisers believe that in order to get consumers to buy their product ads need to have two orders of content: an appeal to deep…

McDonalds Video Advertisement

This paper analyzes the rhetorical features of one particular video advertisement (2010 see Reference list for details) that was issued on the internet by the multinational burger company McDonalds. It now circulates on the internet with and without the English subtitles. The subtitled text of the advert is a very brief nine lines long, followed by the single tag line “Come as You are” and the full text is given below at Appendix 1. Hill and Helmers (2008, pp. 51-53) describe how a video uses a particular type of persuasion called “visual argument” which is rhetorical rather than logical or dialectical. The medium is very compressed and this does not allow full exposition of claim, argument, rebuttal, etc but on…