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Advantages of working alone Essay

Working alone has a lot of advantages such as having the ability to start and finish your task whenever you decide, but I prefer to perform my home work and assignments in a group because of several reasons. First, when you make a group in order to do your project, you get familiar with new persons that have novel ideas which will ultimately lead to a more successful job and a higher score. Every person has his own unique idea and when all these ideas combine with each other the negative and positive aspects can be manifested before offering the assignment to the professor, therefore the individuals assist to omit the negative points and enhance the positive features. For example I did my Msc project in a group which was constituted of two members and our mark in comparison with the students that had submitted their tasks on their own was remarkably higher.

Second, when students are in a group their whole responsibility is divided in between the members so there is less tasks to do and more time to put in increasing the efficiency of the project. When you are in a group you’ll have fun and simultaneously you will do what you should with less stress. The aim of doing the homework isn’t only to gather data from different sources and to put them together and achieve a score. It should be logistical, reasonable and manifest the aim of which the professor has asked the task to be done. When there is more time, the students can pace it and by the consultancy and assistance of each other they will prosper more. As a result, I believe that anything in this world except tasks that are regarding to peoples private life should be done socially, because it would be more fun, innovative and successful.

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