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Advantages of Adulthood Essay

Adults have a plethora of advantages some of the more notable being the right to obtain a license to drive, to carry a weapon, and the right to gamble. These advantages come mostly at 18 although others such as renting a car and the right to legally drink come at 25 and 21 respectively. Some of these advantages are considered privileges and others are considered rights granted to us by the United States Constitution.

When a U.S. Citizen reaches the age of sixteen and a half he or she begins to get their first taste of adulthood and freedom with the privilege of being able to obtain their drivers permit, they are then able to begin to practice driving under the supervision of an adult holding a valid drivers license. When that citizen reaches 18, they are given the privilege to obtain a drivers license. At 18 the person will also obtain the right to vote for their local, state, and federal government. The right to vote comes with a great sense of participation in the community locally and nationally. At the age of 21 the citizen is considered an adult and of age to consume and to buy alcohol.

Adulthood brings many privileges, and rights but these also come with great responsibility, certain privileges may be revoked if the responsibilities are neglected. Adulthood is something many children look forward to until it is reached. Adulthood can be a fruitful experience as long as the responsibilities are met and abided by.

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