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Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Essay

Social media is a way of connecting people or a medium for sharing ones ideas.

It’s technologies takes different forms like internet, blogs, forums, social networks etc.

The qualities social media possess are reach, accessibility, immediacy, permanence.

Today’s younger generation depend on social media completely as they prefer to be connected with the world through social networks like facebook, twitter etc.

If we look up the statistics 93% of youth are active users of internet and 73% own a cellphone.

They find it as a place where they can share their ideas globally and the increasing fascination for the gadgets like ipod, tab are due to the impact of social media.

It facilitates to have open communication leading to enhanced discovery and delivery.

For students social media gives a lot of exposure and help them to have updated knowledge about various technologies. It serves to kindle their ideas in their interested subjects. One can even start a blog and discuss his views with everyone.

It helps a lot for education where students can refer data from ebooks, articles, presentations etc.

And also they can browse about various job opportunities around the world through websites like naukri, linkedin. They can upload their resume and can view the company’s profile their technologies and can update their knowledge based on the current trends.

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