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Advantage of English over Folk Language in Education Essay

I. Acknowledgement

The researchers wish to acknowledge and thank with profound gratitude, heartfelt appreciation and warmest sincerity the assistance extended by the people who helped them in making this research possible.

II. Introduction

Nowadays, elementary teachers are using folk languages in teaching due to the DepEd-implemented curriculum, thus, using English only to the subject itself and introducing another subject, the native folk language.

This study was conducted due to the urge of witnessing the good and bad effects of the said curriculum. This study was also conducted by the researchers to prove that English in elementary education makes learning easier than the implemented usage of folk language.

III. Statement of the Problem

Is the usage of English better than the usage of native folk language in teaching, specifically in elementary education?

IV. Scope and Limitation

This research was focused on the comparison between the effects of English and folk language on primary education. The study was conducted in the Tumbar Elementary Education. Twenty Grade-II students were used to test the problem.

V. Presentation, Discussion and Findings

A demonstration on how to make an origami crane was done in front of the Grade II students. Ten students were used for the demonstration using the English language and another 10 students was used for the demonstration using folk language, specifically, Pangasinan.

After the demonstration, the students were asked to make their own origami crane individually. The students that were used in the demonstration using English made 6 neat, proper and good-looking cranes. On the other hand, the students that were used in the demonstration using Pangasinan made 4 cranes.

VI. Conclusion and Recommendation

Based from the data gathered, it is obvious that using the English language, the students were able to cope faster and make a beautiful crane using paper. Therefore, the researchers concluded that the usage of English is better than the usage of native folk language in teaching, specifically in elementary education.

For further improvement, the researchers recommend to have not just a demonstration but also a long-term study and analysis concerning the problem.

VII. Glossary

Origami – art of folding paper to create three-dimensional figures of animals, people, objects, and abstract shapes. The word is Japanese, literally meaning to fold (oru) paper (kami) Folk language – traditional language used in a small area or a province; local language Crane – any of 15 species of tall wading birds of the family Gruidae (order Gruiformes). Superficially, cranes resemble herons but usually are larger and have a partly naked head, a heavier bill, more compact plumage, and an elevated hind toe. In flight the long neck is stretched out in front, the stiltlike legs trailing out behind.

VIII. Bibliography

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